Hey Dudes I am new..

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Yo dudes what up? I am from the Traxxas board. I plan on getting the new tmaxx sometime in November or December... I can't wait I need a couple more hundred dollars but my b-day is September 17 so I will roll in the dough...

See Ya:)
Welcome to the board Ped:)
Thanx for the warm welcome..

See Ya:)
Hey Pede! Good to see you! Welcome aboard! I'm sure you will enjoy hanging around ;)
Welcome to a better place...We'll be here to help when you need it with the new T.
Thanx again guys. I can't wait any longer to get my maxx!

see Ya:)
Pede...sorry no reply to the AIM last night...got dragged away by screaming children...what's up?
NM I will try again later...:banana:

See Ya:)
Hold on for the ride, Pede. Things only get stranger from here!!! LOL!

Welcome aboard. BTW, where in Upstate NY????
Hey Pede, first welcome abord! Second, you might be one of the first on here to hav a "New" Maxx. Let us know what you think!!
Ok guys... Thanx for the welcome, for the third time. :banana: I live in Newburgh NY Candyman.. El Pirata I am getting the new one.

See Ya:)