here is my cj any suggestions for my next paint job

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links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. and Pirata should compare notes...his CJ looks to have the same color paint job.
Nice truck.
I'm going to have to come over and show you how to run cables inside your PC.

I know how to run cables...when you test hardware all day long there is no reason to make it neat b/c it will only last an hour or so. I
EL pira' you have a link for me to see? your sig link is "no good"

fast i know your razzin me :) . I just need to defend my children (my computers that is) Everything is in good humor !!!!
WOW they are like twin brothers.
Niffkin, I like everything on your Jeep except that emblem on the door has gotta go! It would look much better with a Fantom emblem!! (Fantom even has the skull to match your hood!) :classic:

Seriously though, it does look very nice. How did you do the skull on the hood? That looks very cool!!:cool:
Spookular! You be the judge, live or memorex?

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Hey guys, I guess great minds think alike after all!