Help! Robinson Racing Double Disc Slipper Problems

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Well today was supposed to be the day of success with this new slipper and CB. Well as of right now I can run at all due to a binding issue. I really need some help on this and maybe even a pic.

I put together the slipper according to directions, and the only way I could without rubbing against the batter box. I have a 74t Spur (nylon) and a 16t Racers Edge CB.

It appears the 3 screws holding the spur ring onto the slipper plate are hitting the face of the clutch bell on rotation.

Anyone have this problem? Or better yet, does anyone have a pic of their RRP disc setup?

.....bumming out.....

Which way are the heads of the screws facing? If they are facing the front of the truck turn the spur around so that they face the rear of the truck. I have a 72T steel spur with a 17T clutch and the slipper disk set up. I have not had a single instance where any part of the spur (that wasn't supposed to) impacted the wrong place on the clutch.

I'll see what I can do about a picture for you tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep so i can go bash...
I've spun it around and to no avail. Then, I hit the battery box. I already had the screw heads at the back of the truck. Unless you meant the other way.

I'm going to go take it apart again now. Somethings just not right. Its bothering me..........

A pic would be great, let me know. Thanks again!
Hello Çh®i§tiªñ i have had a look at your posts on trax too.If you had the spacer and then turned your spur around as before(the way it hit the bat box i think it might solve your problem.The spacer should have been with the kit mine had one but it was the metal set up.
I had a bearring that came with the kit. However, this had to be used between the two plates and is what the middle disc rides on.

Sound right?

Çh®i§tiªñ there should be a spacer as well as the bearing.The spacer goes on first then the sliiper blue plate then the spur with bearing in the centre then the other slipper plate then the spring and nut.
Hmm - guess I got screwed on that deal. But even if I had it I still think I would have had the same problem. Well maybe not. Guess I need to find out why all the ones at the LHS didnt have spacers either. Looks like some Q&A department was out for a while lol.

Thanks for the clarification buddy. And By the way, good to see you here.

Nice to be here,i will measure my spacer and take a picture tommorow.Can u send me your e-mail addy by P.M and i will send em too you.It seems strange that some kits come with the spacers and some dont?Easy maxx has one too ,i will ask him how his went on.

Christian, I have some pics. I don't know if they will help. I run the steel spur. My kit didn't have a spacer of any kind either. Are you sure that everything has gone together as it is supposed to ...the plates should be flush with the surface of the central support for the gear.
Christian...what luck with those pictures? Did they help?
Sorry bud! Yes, they helped. But I went back to the LHS today and we both looked through again and no spacers. We pulled the instructions as well, an no spacer. I think there is a new generation of them out that doesn't require them.

After some heavy dilligence on my setup, I realized that the MIP flywheel is probably what caused the shaft to end a little further out. This is what was allowing the screw heads to hit the face of the CB. The bigger problem that kept coming back to haunt me, was the fact there wasn't enough room not matter which way I put the spur. Trust me when I tell you we tried every combo imaginable.

So we slightly cut the shaft some more, put a smaller collet (AE) and overtightened the screws on the spur gear ring. Being it was platic, it caved in just enough to make up the difference.

Eddy - I went back today and pushed as hard as I could back on the engine mounting bracket and kept hitting my suspension with the pullstarter. Making me realize that every 1mm I cut is 1 more mm of pressure on the shock. Looks like I'm going to grab an XTM .21 Deck. I need the room anyway. And it will change my CG from front to back. That might be cool ;)

Thanks again for the pics! LHS ordered a few more kits just to be sure. Traxxas does have a 3mm shim in a locking slipper kit.
You could always get a different flywheel and solve all the problems without further grinding down the shaft...just a thought...
Well, the way this one flys, i've become VERY partial to it. All is running right now. Just a little tight. Worst case, Ill take out a CB or the plastic part of the spur.

I have the 74t Spur w/ 16t CB and let me tell ya, with the MIP clutch (leading ee) and the Heavy MIP flywheel, this thing is like a bullet leaving the chamber! Off the line I'm all MADDD with energy and straight shot hehehehe Can you feel the power?!?!?!?

Ok, ok, ok, Ill get a hold of myself :)

I'm running the OS CVX Hyper .15 on an 8lb machine. I have the suspension exactly where it needs to be and the wheels stay on the ground too! Just the way I like it. But almost scary and how nasty it would hurt in a 5 foot stretch!

I think the longer chassis might help me get even more unsprung weight. Which is the big goal now.
Well...if you are happy with the way it's running, then carry on smartly...from the pictures I've seen (mostly static, BTW what's up with the lack of action footage?) your T should be able to kick some major tail. As for eating up the spur, it's supposed to be a sacrificial that should be no problem, and come as no surprise when it does get shredded.

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