HELP needed 4 the World's Largest mass produced R/c car...

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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a 1/3 scale RC atv, made by 3Z Scale and it was called a Bulldog R/C Rider.
It was made in 2009 roughly. It has a gas engine.

Here is a link to the specs:​

Here is a link to a video of it in action:

It requires a passcode to access the r/c electronic, of which i don't have.

Can anyone help with this, i.e. how to bypass the passcode system, maybe rewire to use newer electronics, but with the old servos, i dunno...

ANY help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Did you try the same code sequence shown in the video?
Thank you, AND I can now say, YES to that question. Nice try thou, never thought of it. But, no luck... Any other advice would be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks again.

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