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Hello I'm new here as I can see most of you are. I just wanted to post something so I thought I would justify it with an introduction ( I know you all dont care). I'm 27 male, been raceing for about 15 years started with carpet then went to an rc-10 gt, that was my into to gas about 4 years ago. Now I have several cars, an RS4 that was a RTR but has been modified to the hilt, and an RS4-3 It's ok dont care for shaft drive however it does have an advantage with the rocks. anyway I'm a student studying to get my Airframes and Powerplants License and I look forward to being a member of the Nitro talk community. I love RC cars and there isnt too many things I havnt seen when it comes to problems, espeacially engine problems so feel free to send me an e-mail if you want.
Welcome to R/C Nitro Talk Rouge, with your background I'm sure you'll be a great asset to the site.

Well thanks for the welcome guy's. I hope to be more useful than useless but of course that's about all any of us can hope for :cool:
Holy moly, i just seen that you are from springfield, IL thats not to awfully far from me. Bloomington, IN

I actually used to date someone from martinsville, IL so I have been to springfield a few times :D

Are there any tracks around springfield? Bloomington sucks, they have ZERO tracks and I know of maybe 2 other people with R/C cars. Our LHS consists of 3 traxxas kits and a hand full of parts (if that)

Well actually I havnt lived here very long. I'm from springfield Mo. and I lived in Kansas city for awhile, there is alot of raceing there, but here there are no tracks, and one hobby store that leaves alot to be desired. However in Bloomington, IL. there is a hobby store called His 'n' Her's Hobbies. They have parking lot races every weekend and usually there's a 25 to 30 person turn out. It is an hour from where I live but I usually dont have anything else I would rather be doing so it's worth the drive. Cost 10 bucks to race this weekend is night raceing. 3 heats then a 30 minute A Main...........That usually seperates the men from the boys. anyway I'm rambling
His 'n' Her's hobbies huh, interesting name! heh

I may have to check that place out.

Welcome to the forum Rough:)