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Welcome Richard and RCBattery.com!

You have some stiff competition out there and best of luck. I will keep an eye on your site.
Welcome to the forum Richard. I have been waiting for a particular LiPo you sell to come back in stock for a couple weeks. How often do you get new inventory? The one I want is a 5000mAh 3s with EC5 plug. Grey's tests show some really impressive numbers for your batteries, so dying to grab a couple.
Hi WickedFog,

We have had a slight delay with some batteries due to shipping congestion we are expecting the stock to arrive in late November. If you add the battery to your Notify Me list I will send you an email as soon as stock arrives.

Warm Regards
While were asking questions about their business practices...Whats the chance of seeing an option where when you pick a certain battery out that you can choose what connector you want on it before its placed in your cart? Especially EC5s, XT90s, Deans, or just bare wire for those that want to add their own connectors. Like SMCs website does. That would be a fantasic option. Real Deans Ultra Plugs though, not those cheap knock offs.
Hi Greywalf74

We are definitely looking at offering batteries without an adaptor for those who want to add their own adaptor. The only reason we can't add the adaptors for you when you make the purchase is the warehouse is not fitted to be able to do so.

Warm Reagrds
Do you offer any drag racing batteries? Something compared to the Max Amps or Revtect ?
We are working on a range that we will be bringing out early next year.
So far your lipos are top dog in my tests. Keep up the good work!

Also, having recently purchased a problematic lipo I was pleased with the speed and ease of the RMA I was provided.


Welcome to RCTalk!
Hi Greywalf74

We all sell Lipo batteries it's how you treat your customers is where we pride ourselves. Delivering one great service and quality Lipo batteries at the most affordable prices.

Warm Regards
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Hi All,

We are all running a Buy 2 Get One Free offer on selected batteries. Click here to see all the batteries on offer.

Offer Highlight copy.jpg

Warm Regards
Welcome. Bring on the juice!
We are proud to announce that we have just released our new Liperior Endurance Hardcase packs.

Our New Liperior Endurance Hardcase lipo battery series is engineered for outstanding performance for the requirements of today's RC car, truck, and boat applications. Utilizing the latest advancements in lithium polymer technology and select materials for improved performance, safety, and cycle life: Endurance provides premium and reliable energy to power your passion.

Available in a wide range of sizes, capacities, and C rates there is a Liperior Endurance battery to suit most applications. You can count on Liperior Endurance Lipo Batteries to deliver on power and performance when you need it most.

Check it out at https://bit.ly/3SE5O1K

If you have any questions please let me know.

Endurance social available copy.jpg