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I'm very pleased to hear that you like it. I'm hoping others will to. I have sent a reply to you via email.

looking cool for a site not even open yet,can't wait for it to go live and get some of the regulars on here:cool:
This is a sweet forum:banana: :banana: :classic: :cool: :cheerful: :cheeky: :beard: :banana:
See a lot of familiar names already. Nice forum. I like the variety...
Yep - we have a great opportunity to get a good clean, helpfull site rolling here...with a Forum AND great content...thanks Woodie for your investment in time and effort!
I like this. Nice new forums. Plus I see some familiar names.:banana:
and no arguements either,i hope certain fiery youngsters stay on the traxxas forum.how are you going to promote the site when it opens up big time;)
A Top Site :D !!!!!!!!! I really like this forum it has a really nice new look about it. This site has major potential , How many other people are from the traxxas forums?
me using the same name,actually everyone who has posted is,or they stole their name from the traxxas site:D
what would happen if someone used Holmwrecker,or sofasticantseeit(?)wouls it be allowed or not.
Lots of familiar names from the Traxxas forum:D This forum is way better than Traxxas:banana:
Anyone regonise me ??? Best TMAXX Ever :rolleyes:
Best Maxx Ever - I have seen that sig from the traxxas forum before!

how do we know that someone on here is the same person as their namesake on other forums. i could use the name Hunter and have the most posts and not even be him,or use a moderators name from another forum,how would that be dealt with.
R/C Nitro Talk is ONLY affiliated with ultimatemaxx.com and MaxxSkunkworks.com. With that said R/C Nitro Talk does NOT save usernames. The admins from these two sites already have their username and are happy with them all other usernames are feel for the taking.

Even if I was to save usernames...how would I know if the real hunter wanted to register was indeed the real hunter?

As I have stated before I would love to see the real Hunter, OvalQueen and Holmwrecker register here and hang out, as they all have VERY good info.

that is the way ahead,keep an open mind and deal with problems as they happen.not get ready for hassle that may not happen.
what is the law of the land,would Hunter be entitled to that name if someone used it to feel important or just to stop him having it.
Easy - Tell me, how am i to tell the "real" hunter from the "fake" hunter.

Maybe someone else uses the name hunter and registers here. Trust me hunter isn't a very orginal name, as is WoodiE. I go by two other usernames because there are so many others that use WoodiE.

i have no idea on any guidelines for this sort of thing,like domain names people used famous names cos they thought it would be cool,the big cats came along and sued them for the domain name.if they were so clever how did a no-one beat them to the name to start with.
what is fair play and what is plain stupid in the world of names,i have got no idea myself.
any body else know of a fair way,or good old first come first served is the way to go.
this calls for a :banana:
Well if this site isn't affiliated w/ traxxas anyone can call themselve what they want. I am the real thedominator from the TRX site. Just thought i'd let you all know:D