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El Dorado Hills, CA

Great web based music site. Over 40,000 stations to choose from.
Jest let it check your bandwidth and it does the rest. Great quality and its free. You can install the 365 player and its non intrusive to your OS and other players.
Give it a try.
LMN what you think. :p
What your favorite station?
No spyware? You sure - they always make me nervy. If you tell me no then I'm in.

One of these days Ill post the pics of the emails over me getting sued by Metallica. Dont worry, I was 100% prepared for a countersuit for Slander. They didnt do their homework before they launched their legalities at people like me! As you know, the only thing that happened was Napster shutdown. But 50 others have risen since....

This is a live feed, not an MP3 or a file site.
Internet radio. Its nice just choose a station and listen.