Grats to Chris.

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I'm sure you will do a great job.:)
I would like to see an article on how to launch a Zagie 400x with a T-Maxx or XXXnt.
Photos and details of the tether and gears / speed needed to too accomplish this. :p

Bet you haden thought of that yet. Given time I'm sure you would have tried.

The challange is on, Can you do it...:D
THANKS EDDY! Well I feel as if I owe you a PERSONAL "Thank You!" for all the suggestions and advice you have provided me. You have never steered me wrong!

I like the tether idea. Maybe, just maybe, I can figure out how to launch my Losi from the Plane itself. Or just get this heli up in the air and use it to transport ;)

Wait til you see the vinyl graphics I'm getting for the bottom of my plane. ALL of you are going to get a good laugh out of it. *top secret*

Thanks again Eddy!:banana: