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Hooooot Hooooot Hooooot Hooooot !!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn right, loud and proud.
We should have killed that bastard the first time we were over there
We need to get saddam and bin laden, strap a rocket to their asses and f*ckin light that candle
Very nice photo, edited of course, but nice none-the-less.
Originally posted by El Pirata
Dude don't pee on everyone's dream that the Military is ready kick ass and take names!

I'm not...we all feel that way in our hearts, and think that way in our minds, but we would never have it published in that fashion. That would lower us to their level. Do I disagree with the sentiment represented in that image, hell no. I second and third it.
Thats a cool pic:D El let SkyMaxx go he's an officer after all:classic:
A nice compliment to the Blues formation pic, this is the Thunderbirds flying over the Las Vegas strip


Another shot of the Thunderbirds

Nice shots. Would have been better were they posted in the thread with the Blue Angels' shots, but here is as good as there. It is so nice to see high performance machines put through their paces; even if they are the Thunder Chickens and flown by the Air Farce.
Originally posted by SkyMaxx
even if they are the Thunder Chickens and flown by the Air Farce.

opinions are like assholes, everyone has one

Both teams fly outstanding and serve the same purpose, to entertain you and me and people like us all over the world, and both are dam good at what they do
Which group was it that flew into the ground???
Yeah, yeah, yeah...and most of them stink, too. I know. You non-military types and your opinions. I'm showing a little pride in my service, and right away to liberal minded little pukes gotta go and say butthead this, butthead that. I know the Thunderbirds are a great bunch of flyers. I just don't like them over the Blue Angels. My preference.

Hunter, both teams have had that tragic event occur. The T-Birds during a performance and the Blues in a transit.
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