glo-starter chargers?

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hi i have a thunder tiger red glo-starter, 1.25v 1400 mAh. the charger just seemed to walk off somewhere one day and now i can't find it! :angry: i found a du-bro kwik-klip 3 charger and glo-driver in my basment, but its to short for cars, airplanes only. will the du-bro 1.5v 125mA charger work on my thunder tiger driver? thnx


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Yes. It should. Just don't charge it for more than 11 hours or so, and that's from dead.

Is your TT battery NiMH or NiCAD? 125ma charger is pretty forgiving, but just don't forget to leave it plugged in for a couple days. ;)


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hey guys I'm all good! after looking every where possible for about 1 hour i found it and it was the place i looked at 3 TIMES! it was just burried in a box. oh and the other charger works too.

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