Getting the Maxx ready for winter.

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El Dorado Hills, CA
I got all the parts today to make a set of T-Maxx tire chains.
Don’t ask me what a guy in Northern Ca is going to do with them but it seemed like a good idea.
I guess I just want to see if it can be done.

I found some good chain that wont cut the tires and will offer good traction.
I will take some photos in progress.
It should be fun. :devious:
Sounds cool...last winter there was a guy's T-Maxx featured in the surfer's rides section of the TRAXXAS site who had chains on his truck...looked pretty nifty. Of course he was from somewhere up north where when it snows it really snows...
One thing I used to do as a kid for traction on my bike was to used rope tied aeound the tires for better traction. If it snows this year I'll try again that little trick.
The cool thing about using rope is that you can get it in hundreds of different diameters and if it partly comes loose it will not bash your t-maxx as much as real chain will!
And speaking for those of us who actually live where it snows, I think this is a great idea. I am very interested in seeing how the prototypes come out. I myself plan on running in the snow. It certainly will be easy to make all sorts of ramps and other great terrain to run on in my back yard. so get those pics up and give us a list of materials. It's August. It'll be snowing in New York before you know it!!!! LOL.
Another option is a set of paddle tires (like those billed for running in the sand)...they work well in snow also (more correctly...fresh snow, anything compacted or ice blocked will make the paddles useless for traction).
How would the Maxx Mulchers work in the snow? They seem like they'd be a little more general use. Loose snow, more packed stuff. We get all sorts of funky snow here. I had a blast running my GT on it last year. In the middle months, we sometimes get a little freezing rain. And it will form a crust on the snow. So I was having a ball with my GT. Until I misjudged a run and sheared the left rear off the truck on my shed..... OOOOOOPS!!!



OK. Gotta say that looks sweet. Looks like 2 grades of chain and "S" hooks. What did you use in the wheel center? Do they slip on and off easily? Do the stay on when running? Am I getting too far ahead? Looks like a great solution. I was concerned that different treads would make no difference. Perhaps the chains will work....
I used a larger, stronger chain for the tread side. The larger chain fits in the tire lugs and sits high enough to get some serious traction. The smaller chain on the side to keep the weight down. These puppies are heavy and the truck will use 4.

The backside is just the size of the outer OD of the rim, any smaller and it will interfere with the suspension. I used a round rubber gasket as a tensioner on the outside securing it with s clips to keep the chains pulled to the outside.

Do the work? LOL :D I hope so.
And you know what… We don’t get snow or ice here…:dumb:
Well, the design looks straightforward enough. 1 trip to the hardware store and they should be pretty easy to make. Since I do live where there is snow, I would be happy to give your design a field test. But it's still a bit early even for here. So I'll have to let you know in about 4 months!!!! LOL
I still have a way to go.
For me nothing is ever good enough when it comes to my toys.
Just a caution for any driving in snow deeper than your maxx, accelerate slowly or you will dig your maxx into the snow up to its chassis pretty quickly.

Mulchers will work well on anything but ice...see above caution.
While they do look cool beans, I reregister my warning that if they come loose you'll probably break your a-arm or worse.
Hey, I live in Bufalo NY and those would be great around here in the winter. I would be glad to do a "review" of them for RCNITROTALK. :D :banana: :D
Originally posted by El Pirata
I reregister my warning that if they come loose you'll probably break your a-arm or worse.

This is why I like to prototype first. They look great but I see some big issues if they slip. I am working on P.T. V/1.2
I will need all the input, ideas, and help I can get.
Keep it coming.
Here's a a set of Proline Velocity 6 rims with your choice of tire (Try Maxx Mashers. Get your chain together, and instead of trying to make snow chains like on a real car, think of making a snow tire or a hybrid snowtire/chain tire. Here's the thought. Take some chain and loop it through the rim and around the tire then hook it to itself (like a bracelet around your wrist--instead go around the tire, through the rim and back out.) You could make 6 such bracelets per tire, and use the spokes of the rim to keep them separated. Then when the season is over, just spread one link on each of the six bracelets and remove them. You now have your off road tires back. Just an idea...

As for making a true snow tire, you could get a set of Maxx Mashers and try this, but I think that the Mulchers would probably work better. What makes a snow tire...good tread pattern and the addition of steel studs imbedded in the rubber. You probably can't do the imbedding thing, but you can take a good set of rivets and create your own studs by passing the rivet through the tread and fixing the rivet to the inside of the tire so that it doesn't come out. You'd better find some light weight stainless or zinc rivets (the kind that don't rust), as this will make the tires a little heavy.

Just a couple of ideas for your creative nature...good luck...