Gearing and Torque question

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RC Newbie
Hi I'm new to RC. I'm looking for the right motors for a project. I hope someone can help.
There are motor driven main shafts connected to worm gears that help it move. I found a ServoCity motor I think would work. It's 1,621 rpm brushed planetary gearmotor. 10.9 oz weight. 20 amp current stall and 97.2 oz-in torque stall.
First question:
If I gear it to the main shaft at 2:1 ratio will it double the torque to 194.4 oz-in? Then with the worm gears at 30:1 ratio does that mean torque is 194.4 x 30 = 5,832 oz-in?
364.5 lb-ft?
30 ft-lb?

Second question:
The machine will be under 10 lbs, maybe 5. Not sure exactly how heavy but as light as possible. It will move smoothly with little friction so I think the main motor won't stall out. The idea is to get it moving slow at first to see how it moves and also strong to carry some Xtra weight. Do you think this is a good motor?

3rd question:
I'm using 2 additional gear motors for turning it as it moves. I found two 12V, 6rpm, high torque, 1.3 amp current stall motors. I want to connect all 3 motors to one rc receiver. Am I ok as long as the receivers amp rating is high enough to cover all the motors combined? Say a 30 amp receiver? All 3 motors have 22.6 amp stall total.
Tell me the truth. Don't be shy. Criticism is welcomed! Thank you
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