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Lexington, KY
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A new feature has been added... Viewable stats!

just click HERE

You can see top posters, top thread starters, top referrals, and more!!!

Check it out, for now your gonna have to check here for the link, until the new look for RC Nitro Talk is released, then there will be a button to click on to see stats!



Adrenaline Junkie
RC Driving Style
SCHWEET!! I love stats...VERY cool information.

I can't wait to see the new format for the site...


RC Driving Style
On the bottom right hand side of the Home page. 4 small frames with the member stats , forum stats ,last 24 hours and browsers .

I think it would fit. 19 lines at total maximum.



Active Military
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That is awesome...I am particularly pleased to see that I am not the only Mac user cruising this site...a little better than 8% of your members are Mac users...yay.


Active Military
RC Driving Style
Actually, after looking at the stat more closely, I see that the number of posts numbers close to my post looks like I am the only Mac user here...:( bummer.

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