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hey i have a question about fuel. i run sig champion airplane fuel in my car and I've heard people say that its is reaslly bads for the engine. although the fuel meets all the reqiurmenst as car fuel does, it has 20% oil, 1/2 castor and 1/2 synethtic and its only 10% nitro. I alwasy run my engine rich and the spit test never fails. my fuel says that they use it in dragsters and motorcycles and boats I'm assuming full scaled but I'm not sure. so will runnign this kind of fuel in my cars engine affect it? The main reason i bouy it is because its only 8.99 a gallon but its very good fuel for thr money. all my buddys use it in all there models. i just got a vrand new gt plus so i dont want to put fuel in it thats not good for it. I run it in my touring car and it does fine.
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You should be fine running that fuel it has all the oil your engine needs and then some and thats not a bad thing, and the price is right a $8.99 a gal.

It seems like all the car fuels at my nslhs are like 4 bucks more but maybe thats just how they price there car fuel. the real only thing that seperates car from plane is differnt mixtures od oil and thats pretty much it. thanks for the help. and guys if you find some cheap "airplane fuel" somewhere we at least 18% oils it should work ok i just wanted to make sure form other people then the fuel itslelf. thanks again
Is it just me or does it kinda seem like $10 for 10%, $20 for 20% and $30 for 30% plus or minus?
Yes! I was calling around yesterday to find some fuel for this weekend and the only place that had Traxxas 10% was asking 9.95. The only other place within 100 miles only had 20%, 19.95.
hmm thats odd my nslhs sells 15% for only couple bucks more but yes the more the nitro the more it cost but I've never seen fuel thats 10% to 15% jump 5 bucks.