FUBAR! (Very PIC Intensive)

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El Pirata

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Here's what my T-Maxx looked like after I was finished dialing it in this mroning. Did I mention some guy in a brand new off the lot BMW ran it over? The guy was really being an (*^%I(*$ because he was like look at the tiny scratch on my new car. "You're driving your RC car in a deserted parking lot and I came in here, you should have looked out for me since cars have the right of way!"

Anyway, from the look of it I am in need:
new tranny (maybe)
Front A Arms
Chassis braces
Shock tower
Front body mount

Maybe more, I'll find out as soon as I start rebuilding which will probably wait a week.









Now that’s what I call custom modifications.
I particularly like the placement of your battery pack.

Ouch. Sorry to see that. What a shame.
That's what I thought. Anyone know where I can get a titanium chassis and braces, might as well go big on the next one!
Oh MAN!What can i say EP,i feel for you man.I know what work you put in to your maxx,i dont think i could control myself if some short sighted dude mowed down my maxx.I got the hardcore titanium conversion on my maxx but there is no way it would withstand that.I would go with the hardcore pro racer titanium chassis but i dont know if you would need the hardcore rear skid too.The hardcore titanium standard conv flex's a little but i got no complaints so far.
Good luck with your rebuild man.Your pain is with a U.K maxxer,hope your not to down about it.
The whole part with the guy coming around a blind corner into the parking lot then running over my t-maxx just irked me. I said sorry as soon as the guy got out of his vehicle and he replied, "That's all you have to say! You just scratched my new car." I replied in somewhat of a smart a**ed way, "Well you just ruined my $1000 toy!" The bickering made very clear to me that the guy wanted my to pay for his $50 scratch on his car on the spot and the heck with the probable hundreds of dollars I was going to blow putting my t-maxx back together. After a few minutes of bickering I told him to call the cops because there was no way I was going to pay for his minor scratch without being ordered.

When the MP's arrived he urged us to come up with some sort of agreement on the spot. I was willing to let by gones be by gones and each pay for our damage out of our own pockets. The guy would not accept this so the MP's filed a report on the whole matter and took statements from each of us. About 20 minutes after we left the MP's called me on my cell and said the reports had been circular filed, same thing as I should have been done beforehand.

Regardless of who's fault it was the guy was whining about $50 in damage when the damage I received was about the equivilent to me buying an RTR t-maxx. I just ordered an XTM 21 conversion. Everything I don't need with the parts I can salvage will be kept as spares. I guess I'll get another shock tower and inspect the shocks to see if they really need to be replaces as well.
Man thats rough I hate to see a maxx after its been run over:depress:
I thought the damage could be even on both sides to make it look better but unfortunately it is not.

Originally posted by Hunter
Man thats rough I hate to see a maxx after its been run over:depress:
You sound like you\'ve seen this several times before?
that sucks

What's a new BMW doing in a deserted lot?

So sorry for ya.
What a Bummer!

Can you claim it on your insurance? His? Did you get that AMA insurance? I dont know if it would have helped, but maybe. Homeowners Insurance?


Doubtful his insurance, better chance of a snowball in hell that route. AMA, no I did not and homeowners I'll have to check on.
I guess that means that next weekend is out of the question...

That sucks with a capital suck. At least he only crushed the front end...no need to replace the engine. It looks like you will be out of business for a little while.

Your homeowners insurance might cover it. Too bad you didn't get his insurance information...you could have called him on it. As soon as he filed a report with MPs that made him fair game and his insurance liable. He did hit your car with his...it is considered a moving violation...the proof is in the fact that his car ran over your car (even though it is a toy)...aw well.
The tranny is fine, well all the screw holes are stripped out so I will need to slap in the one I just got last week. Both front a-arms are fubar'd as are 2 of the shocks, but my machinist friend might be able to fix them. The chassis and braces are toast too. Here are a few during surgery pics:



that sucks so bad. I would of lost my temper i think! i am mad and its not my maxx!
Dude...these pictures are too freakin' painful to see...my wallet is cryin' in sympathy...
Sorry I should have issued a warning to the members, grotesque pics contained inside. If you need any crisis counseling I know a great quack! Yeah, next weekend is out of the question, though I might be able to switch back to a .15 t-maxx for the next bash session. I do need to straighten the front left axle because it's got a major bend in it but the shock tower will probably still work for the time being. Now I need to figure out how to get the bent screws out that I had to cut the heads off.

Since T-1 is in critical condition I might also end up building another t-maxx to use as a back-up, though it'll be a .21 also.
You could try slotting the remnants of the screw with a dremmel tool and see if a flathead screwdriver can coax them out of the holes...the other option it to drill them out...might want your machinist buddy to take a look see...he might be able to get them out with one of his toys.
Now I know why you ossifers get paid the big bucks, you can use something other than brute force!