Front Lace Up Shirt

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El Pirata

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I used to own a couple of front lace up shirts. Over the years they either changed from the original color to something way off what I wanted them to look like or they fell apart. They were a semi v-neck shirt with the lacing in the v portion of the shirt. They were really baggy with 3/4 sleeves but I would settle for any sleeve length. I was wondering if anyone knew where I might be able to find one.

Matts, don't even bother replying. I am maintaining my truce, I stay away from you and you stay away from me!
Front lace up shirt? Why? You coming over for a night cap?


I'm trying to find the catalogue that has them in there. I will........
That was it! InternationalMale. Beat me to it!

I don't care who beat who. I'm going to be poverty stricken buying clothes for a few paydays.
Yeah but they have some cool shiat if you are single!
I'll still refrain, at least for another 5 minutes or so. Has it been 5 minutes yet?
Dio they have any of those shirts with this color patern
??? X