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this has nothing to do with rcnitrotalk. I will give one xl t-shirt to the first person that can name all the protocol suites in the osi model. Not the protocols themselves but their suites... i will give you 1 clue. There are 9 suites in the osi model.

by the way it is a hanes t-shirt! NEW! lol
Well lets see, I'll take a stab at it:

The physical layer
The data link layer
The Network Layer
The transport layer
The Session layer
The Presentation Layer
The Application Layer

The TCP/IP suite

I always thought that the OSI model had 7 layers.. and 2 protocol suites .. at least that is all I can think of off hand. That add's up to 9... lets see how I did.. :)
yes the osi has 7 layers and yes you have them right. but the 9 suites i was refering to are:

tcp/ip which includes udp
DECnet Phase IV
Next time - leave your quiz around for another shot or until someone gets it right :(

I was anxious..........
ok next the wireless suite. Hint. The wireless suite is part of the UDP protocol (user datagram packets). THis can be a tricky answer! there are 5 main protocols and several more depending how detailed you are!

I will stick with the t-shirt offer!!!!! first correct answer gets a free clean t-shirt!
(looks like this quiz could keep going until the next Star Trek convention comes to town....)

The wireless suite:
  • MNRP - mobile network registration protocol
  • MNLP - mobile network location protocol
  • SNDCP - subnetwork dependent convergence protocol
  • MDLP - mobile data link protocol
  • CDPD - cellular digital packet data
  • RTP - real-time transport protocol
  • XTP - express transport protocol
and then all the detailed protocols:
h261, h263, etc...
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I still think Cool Beans covers everything!

Kinda like the doctors handing out vitamin M like it\'s a cure all.

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