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Since this is GENERAL I had to post it here. Had the digital out today.

Yes, all these are my plants. My wife kills them all so I took over a few years back.

Ill get the veggie garden up too if you like. Webshots cut me off at 36 per album. I have an easy 36 more of just flowers.
Looks great....
What is the Scientific name for the two plants in the last picture?:confused:

Feeeeeed Me Seeeemore..
(Little Shop of Horrors.)

Fury and Grace ;) He's a pure handful these days!

My oldest is camera shy! Maybe next time Ill get her in the pic too.

This post should have been called " THE SOFTER SIDE OF Çh®i§tiªñ "
Wow thats cool I have one little plant and his name is Henry I will have to get a pic of him he is like my little kid. I had another one but my mom killed him before he came to live with me and my wife he was 7 when she killed him ARGHHHHHHHHHH this just opened up a terrible wound looks like I am gonna have to go back to therapy thanks a lot Çh®i§tiªñ thanks a lot.

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So its Henry the peace lilly huh? You guys got too much free time if your naming your plants, j/k. I like plants too, but I dont have the time to name and talk to them,lol. Mine are lucky if they get a drink every once in a while :p
Sorry X :eek: I have a GREAT shrink if ya need one lol!

And yes, I have too much time on my hands sometimes. Unfortunately, the boss kind of determines what I do with it. Just when I thought I truly wore the pants in the house......I woke up to my wife hehehehehe......
We all want to believe we are in charge, I know at one point in time I least I think I was, lol, I don't know when I lost it or where, but anyway as long as you get a good one, which I was lucky enough and did, I'll let her think she's in charge :) Just kidding you too about too much time, your plants really do look nice!
Originally posted by NCNitro
So its Henry the peace lilly huh?
Well is that what he is? A peace Lilly? I don't really know I have severe allergies and this type of plant is the only thing that seems to not stonk and bother me. I just rip off them little plant seeds or what ever they are.. I am not a plant expert my dad is the green thumb not me...
Originally posted by NCNitro
"plant seeds"? You mean the white flowers? I guess its the pollen that kills you huh.
Flowers thats funny Henry is a Boy he don't have not flowers. Lets not try and confuse my plant is obviuos I have enough issues that have come from this thread..
No I rip anything that dosen't look liek a new leaf off of him as soon as I see it. He had one flower sneak in on me but they really work me over.
The one leaf looking thing growing strait up its the only one strait up inthe picture sproted from one of the leafs stalks I guess is what you call them. Anyway that tall thing had the little ball looking things and I nutered him. Is that actually a flower in the making the leaf thing? X
All of my gardening is done via high-tech modern innovations.
Plastic and silk.
Always green, no watering, no allergies.
The roses I got my wife 6 years ago still look as fresh as the day I gave them to her.
Bonsai and maples are my garden,oh and 7,000 plus gallons of water lawn....sheer heaven:)
some nice pics there Chris.
Yep, you chopped his flowers off :eek: I;m glad I'm not your plant, lol. but yes "henry the boy" plant would get flowers if you allowed him.

I agree with you fast eddy, the ivy around the top of my kitchen cabinets looks as good as the day I planted them, just dust em every once in a while. :D

I really like bosai but every one I ever had I killed they take alot of work and I would rather be wrenchin on my T.
Eddy - thought you were talking about hydroponics for a minute there!

Easy - I love that yard man!
thanks Chris,yours looks cool too,are you fed up with the lawn at stuff?
No, not at all. However, a big area similar to yours could make a great element. I do however, want to put a hot tub somewhere in the middle of all those stones.
you are more than welcome to put a hoy tub in the middle of my stones;)