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can you tell me your needle settings? this is my first slide carb and i think i need help! you do have a slide carb, don't you?
thanks for your help.


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i'm pretty sure. that's why i'm tryin' to get opinions. the 2 1/2 is for the slide on the low. and that is from flush if i'm correct. meaning 2 turns in from flush. just the opposite. thanks


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I have the OS CV-RX Hyper with slide and run like this - 1 3/4 turns out on the HSN and 1 1/2 to 2 turns IN from flush on the LSN.

It changes though with exhaust setups and weather. Holds well though.

I have found I have to lean, lean and lean this thing out on occassion and then bring the fuel back into the mix ;)


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Matts and Chris are on the $$$

I have barrel carbs on all 3 of mine. I did notice that the OS took a lot of leaning from stock settings before I found any power. Once I found the sweet spots for both the upper and lower needles, its only a maximum of an eighth turn in either direction to keep it where it needs to be on any given day.

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