flysky wonkiness

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i switched recievers on the cen. put in one of my extra flysky recievers.
it halfway bound.
led stays solid and i have turning. but a lack of the burning.
also the controller has bound 2 trucks to the same frequency? is this normal? not really an issue unless i were to try somehow to run them at same time. but seems off to me. knowing me I've done something simple incorrectly.
the cen f450 in question has

traxxas xl5 esc
and a flysky f5-6r3e reciever
with FS gt3b transmitter

when i switch the transmitter from channel 0 "ecto" to channel 2 "cen" both trucks respond.
i thought that when i switched channels it switched which reciever it talked to? probly wrong.
that part tho i can deal with just fine. just have to only have one truck powered on at a time and is a non issue.
as per my classic. i have turn but no burn,
i switched the cen reciever back to the spectrum it came with and have burn and turn, switched it back to flysky same issue no burn.
my garage is growing and my controller stash is getting obstinate. hoping i can get multiple rigs bound to same controller with no issues. i hope for too much
I don't know anything about the Flysky stuff. But usually you would bind one truck at a time. And then power on what truck you want to use then the controller to switch which one you want to use. Sounds like you have both receivers bound as one receiver with the transmitter.

Anytime you install a receiver you need to go through the ESC calibration again
i har bad stuff about traxxas. has me scared to try to recalibrate it. my monkey brain says if i leave it bound to the spektrum reciever its already bound to i can drive with that. I'm afraid if i rebind it to the fly it will stop working altogether.
I'm gonna give it a try tho as its the same issue i seem to have with my scx24. turn no burn. and that issue IS a reciever issue
bah ima try it tonight. i watched a few videos on it and every single one of them were binding to a trazzas controller. has me sketched
You calibrate radios to recievers the way Your instructed in radio manuals also same with esc..
I had one rx issue when its ~ + - was not listed(kinda miss the old futaba slotted plugs.)NAW.
Most ESC won't work until they are calibrated. Which is the turn, no burn issue.

When ESC's are not calibrated to the Tx/Rx they won't power up the motor it's connected to. It'll only give your Rx (receiver) BEC power. Which is why servos that are connected do work.

i har bad stuff about traxxas. has me scared to try to recalibrate it.
What does Traxxas have to do with using a Flysky radio? An ESC is kinda dumb. It only needs to know what your transmitter is at for full fwd and at full reverse.
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Not trying to stand up for traxxas here but I wouldn't worry about having issues with the traxxas esc working with FS receivers. I've never seen an issue like that. Traxxas's big issue is they let the magic smoke out too easy. Their rtr's are built to the point that they're pushing temp limits right out of the box. One little change adding any extra load to the esc and poof! 3rd Tuesday of the month, poof. Cloudy outside? Poof!!
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@majin That flashing light on the CEN (Traxxas esc XL5) means that it needs to be calibrated. No matter what receiver you try swapping to, It'll keep flashing until calibrated.
Also have you tried to turn off the radio when switching vehicles? Usually they won't disconnect from one receiver and connect to another until you do. "I'm guessing here", You must've had both powered up when trying to bind to the Transmitter.