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hey guys I have just finished building my custom savage xl and was wondering if I could get some opinions on some gearing. I am running a savage xl with FLM chassis, lst shocks and TNS modded lrp 30 and dynamite 086 pipe. I would like to hear it a bit higher because it tops out real quick and I could gear it a bit more for more speed. But wasn't sure what I should go to. I am running 17-52 right now because that is all I had kicking around my shop. I was thinking of going with 47/17 but have seen people running 45/18. Can anyone suggest what I gear my truck at? I'm running mostly on groomed grass and some dirt. Maybe street once in a while


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I'd probably try the 17/47 simply because it's less aggressive.
Yeah I drove the 17/52 today and the power hits so hard I just revs up so quick I need taller gearing.
Well, badlands tires aren't that large, unless I'm mistaking what you have... whether it's an XL or not, doesn't really affect gearing much. I have put 47/18 in my X with an LRP28. I did upgrade to the HPI steel spur so I didn't burn the center out of it. I ran it some last year with a 17T bell and it is crazy fast, but still wheelies very easily. I put the 18T on, then the temps dropped and I didn't run it again to see how it did. I"m running traxxas 3.8" chevrons on geode (1/2" offset) rims on it. Also running alloy clutch shoes and the standard 2 speed trans.

I'm also running BP diffs. Not sure if that changes ratios or not.

I had real issues gearing any higher than 49/16 without going with a steel spur. Even locked down, it would slip and glaze up then melt the center of the spur out on me within a few tanks of running in the grass. I had no idea the power I had on tap until I was able to have the slipper tighter/not melting.
The badlands are 3.8" they work well for what I run on. Mostly really short grass and dirt. They're really the only tire I like. They look great and bite hard on pretty much any surface. I'm thinking of trying something bigger though I just don't want to lose any power on the down low
I seen someone run 18/45 that sounds high but he had no problem with the TNS modded novarossi 28-8 but this Lrp has a ton of power with the 17/52. Almost too low though it torques really hard. Here's a quick video of it running the other day. I had not tuned it at all since break in on this video. I did a mild performance tune on it today and it is crazy.. Just a quick clip so u can see what it sorta has on pavement with a hyper 7 buggy pipe (all I had). I just put a dynamite 086 on it so i'm sure it will be a different animal

17/52 is pretty low, especially for that engine. I haven't had any bash buddies for a couple years, so haven't taken any vids for a long time or I'd post some up with my setup.
I'd love to see some videos of yours. I posted a video above
Can anyone tell me if the 2 speed transmission can be converted to 3 speed without having to buy another transmission. Is there a conversion kit they sell?
I actually found it just moments after asking this question. Thanks. I am not new to the savage line of tucks by any means but I've never converted a 2 speed to a 3 speed so I wasn't sure if it was possible without buying a whole new transmission. Thanks again though
You can actually get it either way. You can get a complete drop in 3 speed trans or a conversion kit.
Yea I know now lol. I had an idea that it may be possible to throw three speed parts in s 2 spd transmission but wasn't 100% sure. My truck needs more gear. It's crazy power is just too much on this thing without it. Tops out in like 50 ft or less
Tops out in like 50 ft or less???

And it does shift from first to second gear?.
What's your gearing at the moment? I think you need to go up on the cb or down on the spur. Or borh for best result..
Imo the 3 speed isn't a real upgrade. Slightly faster but not what you expect to gain from it.
@Rcjunky2002 , I see in the OP that you are running 17/52 now?? Try 17/47 and make sure the tranny is shifting into second gear.
You replaced the exhaust i see , that will change a lot as well.
After changing the gears to 17/47 you will have to retune the engine and tranny..
Yeah 50 ft or less lol. I'm running a modded Lrp 30 with extremely low gearing. I ordered the 47 and 49 spur gears so will see how it does. I am defiantly getting second gear. If not I would be topped out in 10 feet lol. This motor cranks hard.
Imo the 3 speed isn't a real upgrade. Slightly faster but not what you expect to gain from it.

I thought the same thing. It just spreads the power out more, but didn't seem geared much (if any) faster than the 2-speed in my other savage. I don't have a 3-speed anymore. Was a bit of a pain to mess with as any time you wanted to change your spur or bell, you'd have to pull the trans and adjust the 3rd shift and hope you get it right or your doing a tear down in the field. Granted, with top case able to split open, it wasn't nearly the job it would be with the old standard case, but still, not something you want to do 1 tank into your first run of the day.

I'm running a 2-speed in my X now and it seems to work just fine. The 2 shifting points while running across an open area did sound cool though. :)
I agree I never thought the three speed was much faster and messing with the shift points is much more of a pain in the butt then the 2 spd