Fixed Greek Tragedy

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it looks ready for battle tomorrow,will it hold up to the punishment intended for it;)
Originally posted by matts6887
U arent kidding!!! If u saw it hit the mailbox; that just had to hurt watching it to say the least!!!:eek:
Where's everyone getting mailbox from this. It was not a mailbox! It was the steel pole type floor fan. Genuine US Gov issue. I was at work and in my yard playing. There were several RTCH's (Rough Terrain Cargo Handlers) driving around moving containers and I was playing dodge them as they were moving.
I had typed this in the greek tragedy thread. Its like when you start a story here by the time it gets there its no longer the same story.

Darn poles jump right out in front of you, I had a mailbox do that to me.
I did see it hit the pole for the fan. My grin really did not leave at any time in the process, except when I layed $250 on the counter at the LHS!
Looks like you picked up some Hardcore Racing pieces parts...good won't be disappointed. Glad to see the tragedy turn into something more positive...hopefully the show won't become a comedy of errors tomorrow...:cool: