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mine is either Big Brother 3 or malcom in the middle.
What on earth does this have to do with RC or general Nitro Talk?
sorry wrong forum. I on traxxas forums, these forums, and my forums. sorry. delete it.
Well I watch VERY VERY VERY little TV, though some of my favorite movies are:

Monty Python and the holy grail - This movie RULES!!!

Office Space - nuff said


and The Usual Suspects!

now back on subject. What is your fav TV Show?
History Channel or A&E on in the background.
Special attention is given to Junkyard Wars.
I will make an effort to find Battle Bots on Late Night TV, if not, a good book works.
WoodiE, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the single funniest movie ever made. Hands down. I try to convince people of that, but they just don't understand. Poor saps. They don't know what they're missing.

I will watch anything as long as it's not a chick show. No Allie McBeal. Nothing on Oxygen or WE. No Lifetime Network. I'm usually on ESPN, TLC, or mostly Food Network.

And there was much rejoicing....
Originally posted by Candyman
And there was much rejoicing....

LMAO - I always liked Castle Anthrax myself! :D

I just rembered, I like Sponge bob square pants the most,,....... NOT, I can't stand that show, or blues clues. I really also like junkyard wars, battlebots, robot wars, southpark, simpsons. I barely watch tv believe it or not.
24, come on who didnt watch it, it was the best thing on tv, ashame its now finished, i'll have to wait untill next year for the next 24 hours, apart from that i like the simpsons, robot wars, scrapheap challange/junkyard wars, malcolm in the middle.
In this order:

#1. Bill Oreilly
#2. Ed Edd & Eddy
#3. Discovery Wings Channel
#4. Fox News
#5. David Lettermen
#6. Everybody Loves Ramon
#7. Just Shoot Me

Now the only T.V. I try to watch DAILY is the Oreilly Factor. Thats it. Everything else is just by chance.
My favorite movies are Fast and the Furious,Gone in 60 Seconds,and my favorite shows are The simpsons,Future Fighting Machines and much much more !
Am I like the only adult in the world to watch Ed, Edd and Eddy?
well i watch VERY VERY VERY little TV shows, but I must admit. I do try to watch Mr. O'Reily as much as possible and Fox News in general, but ed, edd, and eddy...never heard of it.

I am a tv nut

I am a complete audio and videophile. I have so much money in tvs and my home entrainment stuff. I watch lots of tv and movies though I never turn to reguar tv abc nbc cbs.. I just dont care for sitcoms like that

MY favorites
The Sopranos
Sex and the City
and just about anything that keeps my mind from thinking. X
Just started the new season (4) of Sex Education last night, watching Wheel of Time as well.

On YouTube, its usually tHe Cleared Hot podcast, or the Shawn Ryan show, sometimes BRCC.

Movies, good sci-fi or at least amusing sci-fi... like the Tomorrow War.
  • Secrets of the Dead
  • Nova
  • Antiques Roadshow
  • Frontline
  • Star Trek (was too young to watch it when it was new)
  • Mash (did not have tv when it was originally on)