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Kind of good admin
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Lexington, KY
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  1. Bashing
Everyone welcome FastEddy the newest moderator to R/C Nitro Talk.

FastEddy will help Mod in a few forums, along with helping others with his comprehensive knowledge we all know.

Welcome to the team Eddy!

Congratulations to RC Nitro Talk for picking up another fine moderator.

Congratulations to FastEddy for becoming one of the chosen ones...bring us your knowledge and wisdom and keep us straight on the forums. Your advice will be a great addition to an already kickin' site.
Congrats FastEddy I know youll make a good moderator.
Thanks guys,
I will try hard to do my best.
I have a lot to learn about this end of the gig.
Having your support is a big help.
Should we start calling you OvalEddy? j/k:D

Congratulations man. It's nice to have a Mod with some sence of humor!