Fantom RULES for customer service!!!

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RGfarm racing

Sent my Used Fantom in to Have it looked at At the request of Jeff At Fantom racing.And I got it back today!!!!! When I opend the box I was shocked!!!!!!!!Not only did the not charge me for the work they done on it but check out what all they did do to it!
New pull start,One way bearring
New Back plate
Oh yeah and a new glow plug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you belive it?????????????
no charge????????????????????????
Some of you might have seen mypost on the other forum site(TRAXXAS) called I'm eating crow now. If you have then you know what I'm talking about!! If not you might search fot it if ya want to know all the details.
I'm telling ya guys it dont get any better for customer service.
Dont belive it? check out this picture righ out of the box it was shipped in!!!



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I told you they are good:) Glad your happy now go and break it in and tell us what you think of it.
Happy????????????? HUNTER are you kidding??????? I'm jumping for joy!!!! I can tell ya right now what I think Fantom rules!!! And If I could get to calf. Dude Id buy Keg and you and I would run the heck out of it till we couldnt stand up anymore :D I owe you BIGTIME btw the other one I bought is a rock runs like a clock:D
Thats what I like to hear another happy Fantom family member:)
Oh yeah the keg thing would be cool to. If you ever get out this way let me know.
Just send that PM on over:)
I knew it all along...the Fantom is the's only a matter of time before the rest of the RC world realizes it.
Once agian matts you said a mouth full:D And are right on target!!!!!
Just bringing my 2 cents to this thread...I recently suffered a broken pull start spring in my Fantom. I repaired it, but also contacted Fantom about it. Sure enough Jeff e-mailed me back asking where to ship the new pull start for my motor. I love these guys...
I think that Fantom is making progress towards having spare parts on inventory. I recieved my new starter and it came in a ready to market bag (hanging card, label, price tag and all) OBTW $18 for the starter per the label and I got it free. Fantom is awesome...their motors are great and their service is even better...Thanks to Jeff Schroeder and the awesome Fantom team...