Fantom any news???

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Has any one heard any news about the new Fantom .21 like when is it coming out???
I haven't heard anything about it, but I can only imagine a .21 fantom :D

Yeah I'm thing if it turns 42,000 like the .15 does it sure would be fun in my buggy:)
Since, I am now building a .21 MAXX, a .21 Fantom would be an awesome motor to run in it...:bandit:
Ok who ever finds any info on when it comes out post it for the rest of us.
You got it...:banana:
Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth...

One final question...rumors have it that you guys are working on a
Fantom .21. Any truth to the rumor? If so, I want one and can't wait
until it comes out. Yes, as a matter of fact I have the first prototype sitting on my desk right next to me. Final production versions should hit the shelves sometime in September.

Best Regards,
Fantom Racing

My e-mailed question in black (a part of my correspondence regarding my busted pull start)...Jeff Schroeder's reply in Red (yes, that Jeff).

Oh, yeah!:banana:
now we need to know what its rated at how much power it will have and how will the RPMs be???
You only asked, "When is it coming out?" Now you want more some people never like the answers I give...:)
if slide carb is an option too,and colour of head;)
I'm guessing that you will all just have to wait (like me) until September.
You've seen mine run...what do you think?
I don't really remember it that well, honestly. I remember the first bash session you were replacing a starter and we ran out of time. Second bash session I was having very technical difficulties and was cursing ym t. Our latest bash session mine was running great and yours was running like a soggy poo poo.
Ouch...I remember things a little differently...but that is the nature of things.

Fantom makes a great engine. It is considered a "big block" .15. It has a high rpm range, maxing out near 42000rpm. Produces great low end torque, and excellent high end speed. The engine can be geared to give you whatever you want, like most engines can, but it does it with more oomph.

The only two areas that seem to be weak on it (right out of the box or can as this engine comes in a can) seem to be the carb and the pull start.

Although I have not had any problems with my carb, there have been a number of forum members that have had issues with the LSN being overly sensitive to adjustments and the HSN being a little hard to find the right setting. I personally have not had any problems finding the sweet spot for my Fantom with regards to needle settings.

The pull start seems to also be a little on the weak side. It functions great, but the spring that is used has two areas of failure. These are common to all pull starts. Those areas are at the central hub and at the outer edge where the spring connects to the casing and the pull start pulley (for a lack of a better name). These are areas where the spring has obtuse bend points that cause weakness in the metal over time allowing for breakage if the pull start is over extended (pulled beyond the normal 6-10" of travel) or abused.

Aside from having one pullstart spring let go on my Fantom (which Fantom replaced in an extremely short turnaround time for free), I have had nothing but fun with it. It is an excellent motor, and I would recommend it to anyone with the $160 to spend.
You're right, you were replacing the fuel tank on the first one then found your glow igniter was dead at about the time we were going to run out of time.
I seem to recall the first run being as you just described it, but with your batteries dying after you submarined your T up to its engine.

Second time, i was running smooth and catching Maxx air, while you were repairing and replacing a number of things.

Third time, you were running smooth and I was busy repairing and replacing a number of things.

That's how I recall the events...I believe the photos from session two and three corroborate my story.
I remember the submarine part but I think it was the engine that was effected by the intake of water into the engine that stopped me as well as having to pick-up my daughter.
Either've seen what my Fantom can do...impressed or not (remember its not a .21) compared to what you've seen.

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