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You heard it here first...

Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth...

One final question...rumors have it that you guys are working on a
Fantom .21. Any truth to the rumor? If so, I want one and can't wait
until it comes out. Yes, as a matter of fact I have the first prototype sitting on my desk right next to me. Final production versions should hit the shelves sometime in September.

Best Regards,
Fantom Racing

My e-mailed question in black (a part of my correspondence regarding my busted pull start)...Jeff Schroeder's reply in Red (yes, that Jeff).

Oh, yeah!:banana:


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Cool, the .21 is gonna have monster power, the .15 has enough power as it is!


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i suppose you guys wil be going .21 soon,i dont know what makes me think that,HHmmmm


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September 1, 2002 is a date that will go down in infamy...

Or at the very least be a date my checkbook ledger fears...that is when I start buying the pieces parts to build my very own .21 T-Maxx. The first part may or may not be a .21 Fantom, but it will be amongst the first few.


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Let's just sat that if my wife finds out, they won't be able to find my body...


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Tres :cool: if I can just find a full role cage for a .21 chassis...any ideas?

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