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El Pirata

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Sometimes ex-wives can really ruin your night. My ex called to see how my daughter was doing and thought I had been getting drunk so she said she was coming over. Upon arrival she saw that I had not been drinking and was about to leave when my daughter refused to let my ex leave without her. So instead of having a nice quiet Saturday night with my daughter she left with my ex. I'm bummed!
Sorry to hear that bud, I'm lucky with my Wife, and my little guy. Hope you have a "cool beans" night anyway, lol.
Yeah I will. I really had nothing planned for tonight except watch the tube with my daughter but now that plan is shot.
Daddy's little girl huh, My 2yr old sons already asleep, I started watching the Eagle game but figured I would see whats going on here.
My little guy is my best buddy, hes only 2 but he loves R/C. He knows where the glow igniter goes, he knows where to put the easy start plug and starts it, he knows what we need to bring when we go out to run it, kids are great. I am getting him an electric rustler for christmas.
I'm getting my daughter Thomas the Train and probably a small rc boat for her birthday so she can use it next summer.
Kids are the best arent they???

I have 3. A 12yr old, 7yr old and 5yr old.

All 3 are my Turn Marshall's. "Dont touch the exhaust! Tires ONLY!!!!"

They love to go to the airfield and fly and watch the others.

4 Wheeling they like a lot too.....

Oh and most importantly, FISHING! And yes, both daughters bait their own line!
Been there. Shot down numerous times cuz my kids wanted to go with their mom. It's ok usually. I forgive easily because they are the most important things in my life. And my ex is only 10 minutes away. So I see the kids a lot. But there have been times when they just walk away. Hurts like a *****, don't it El P? But they make up for it fast, don't they? When you're tucking them in and you hear "I love you, Daddy". All is good at that moment.

Oh crap. Now I miss them. They went camping this weekend and I haven't talked to them since Friday. Great. Thanks.
My insecurities could eat me alive...
But then I see my baby, suddenly I'm not crazy. It all makes sense when I look in her eyes - Eminem
See! Men do have hearts! ;)

Hey El - REAL fisherman use whatever it takes to CATCH the fish! I probably have one of the best fishing lakes in the world, right here in my backyard.

Salmon, Trout, Sturgeon, Bass, Walleye, Musky, Pike, Perch, Pikrel, All Pan Fish and Steelhead.

24lb Musky
22lb Steelhead
9lb Rainbow
8lb Smallmouth
14 inch Jack Perch (yellows are plentiful too)
6lb Pikrel

Its a blast! Should come and join us sometime. Lake Erie has a TON of fish in it


Then of coarse you have a thousand places to fish for trout in streams as well as largemouth inland.
Well you had 2 keepers. My golden rule is under 20 pounds it's not worth my time to get dirty.

200lb Black Marlin
500lb Hammerhead Shark
Scores of Tuna, Bonita, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, etc...

The only small fish I really go after is Peacock Bass. On an average day, about 3 hours you can get about 200 - 300 if you know where to go and don't mind some snags.
Thats OK for ocean fishing. FastEddy does some wicked offshore fishing. As far as freshwater fish go it doesn't get any better than here. (Except for Texas largemouth and Georgia Striper) ;)

Smallmouth bass and musky are my two favorite fish to catch. Best fighting.

Offshore is good too, but the fact you need a crane to pull in your fish can get a little old real quick for me. But its still fun to have a Marlin under the belt.

:banana: :banana:
Pull up a 30 pound Tuna, you'll know how easy bringing in a 200 pound Marlin is after that!
No words on X wives, I will never have the Joy of children, so all I can talk about on this subject is fishing.

If it has a tail I enjoy it.
A 45lb Roosterfish on 20lb line is my idea of fun.
Size isn’t an issue. The best time I had was pulling in a 6lb Large Mouth.

Pulled in a what we thought to be an 800-1000 lb Marlin, 4 hours later got him to the boat and cut the line, I DONT want to do that again, No..Fun.. I hurt for 3 days.
I am coming up to fish in the great North East soon. I have fished in all 4 corners of the world and a few corners not listed but have not been to the great lakes.
Can you say Ice fishing?
I want to put a set of chains on the Maxx and pull one in on the Ice….
Any takers?