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k guys here is a trxxas rustler legacy converted to xl-5 waterproof. it has waterproof esc, waterproof servo, slash transmission(all steel gears) slash front end and rear end, ball bearings, shocks etc. the only thing still legecy on this is the chassis. buy a new one and you will have an xl-5 rustler thats waterproof. it also has aluminum castor blocks and rpm front arms! also changed out most of the screws to hex head screws

i also have TONS of spare parts!!! 4 front a-arms, 2 rear a-arms, 2 sets of castor blocks, 2 rear integy piggy back shocks, 4 stock shocks, 2 shock towers. all the miscellanious parts that came off of it! and some extra electronics like duratrax intellispeed esc, 2 servos futaba radio( needs antenna fixed) futaba reciever, manual speed control, prophet plus charger, and yaddi yaddi yadda i could go on forever! it only needs a body and foams in the tires or new tires lol. if you would like i could include the stuff to convert it back to a slash( chassis, and wheels/tires)! you basically have two trucks here! and with a few parts you could have them both running!

I'm looking to get $350 for EVERYTHING OBO too high? make me an offer if it doesn't sell then i guess i will list the parts individually with prices(too lazy riight now lol )






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