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I sold a guy a XX- T CR that I had never driven and he is having problems with it. I am going to paste his problem on here and hopefully one of you guys can help him out. Thanks in advance.

"I've been having a really difficult time with the transmission,
its been slipping really bad as in, when ever the car is at neutral, and i throttle the motor at full, it slipps and moves slow for like 2 seconds then gradually gets a grip and moves and its very hard to take sharp corners cuase the acceleration is very slow due to the slipping. I went to my LHS and i bought brand new slipper pads and tightened the diff and there is still no effect. i tried using the different slipper spring but has no effect at all..whats for effeicient the hydra drive or the simple slipper drive...or better yet...can i make it not slip at all?"



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Hmmm.......just a guess here. What about a loose pinion on the motor? Or perhaps the diff itself is too loose and unloads on acceleration. My first guess was the slipper but he's already thought of that.

Again, just a guess....


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If it slips bad and then finally grabds I would have said its the slipper but if you tighten it all the way down that takes it totaly out of the picture. I would suggest taking a look at the diffrential and make sure that is adjusted properly. X

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