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I just got a Bolink Legend w/ a Trinity "magic" speed signature series motor in it and want to know how to maintane an electric motor. This is my first electric car. :)
here is the thing breaking it in correctly is the first thing.
The recomended univeral break in is something like
a 4 cell pack 2 comm drops and run 2 to 5 mintes till brusshes are seated fully to comm.
Now you say I don't have no stinking 4 cell. No Problem install motor with out a spur gear put a couple comm drops in NO MORE THAN two this stuff is a dirt magnet. TMHO anyway after the 2 comm drops on there get radio and run at about a third to half throttle for a coupole minutes checking to see when brushes are seated properly. after motor is broke in clean well with electric motor spray . You can use dynamite anyy rc brand or a electric motor cleaner from a hardware or auto parts store.
Afte rthe intial break in you nee dto only do a few things.
Clean regularly after runs add a drop ro two maxx to the bearings in the can and endbell to the bearing itself not between the bearing and the comm shaft. So after cleaning regularly you may need to get comm cut tfrom time to time make sure to cutt comm when you install new brushes.. That just about does it. I don't use comm drop other than on break in..These drops are dirt magnets. Some people use them all the time when racing but they usually have a comm lay to tune the comm frequently.
So keep it clean don't over gear keep bearing or bushings oiled thats it. X
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thanx X_789. I've been putting oil on the bushings. so i just spray the electric motor cleaner in the motor?? Or do I just spray the comm and try to keep it away from the other parts? I am know running a spec motor. Also, what is cutting the comm?
sorry for all the questions. thanx:D :D :D
dude never appologize for asking a question if you don't know.

Thats what we are here for to help others out.

Anyway cutting the comm is when you have a small machine "lay" that smoths out the comm. Its also called truing the comm. Like when you get the brakes on your car redone. They make the rotors smooth and round again. This lets the brushes run smothley without gaps between the brush face. I honestly don't know what motor you are running the Trinity "magic" speed signature series motor you speak of I have not ever seen I looked around a bit and could not locate. Since it has bushings just using some bushing drops or 3in1 what ever do this after cleaning the motor as far as the spraing of the cleaner soak that baby down you wont hurt anything but maybe the sticker on the motor. Just clean it real good and go easy with bushing oil dont want to get it on the comm. Hope that helps. Also is this motor closed or open end bell? That means you can take the end of the motor off with 2 screws so that you can pull out the "armature the main shaft in the motor" X
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