E-Revo 2.0 suggestions

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Got an E-Revo roller of my cousin. I intalled a spectrum Firma brushless system in it. ESC is150amp 3-6s and Motor is Spektrum 2050kv. I'm not into wheelies so I need a setup that keeps the front end on the ground. I need recommendations for Shock oil weight, stock Revo spring rates, (what color band front and rear) front, center, and rear diff, diff fluid weight. I'll be running 6s setup, I'm assuming its on the stock spur gear. What pinion gear/gears would you recommend for some get up and go fun? I shot this lil clip of the truck on on just a 3s and I'm wondering if its supposed to be this noisy or do I need to check mesh and fluids (Dont mind the wobbly ass wheels lol)


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