Dynamite CVD ??? (Christian)

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I just got the Dynamite CVDs, outers and centers, I have heard that you can pack the included boots with grease to enhance performance and durability. If there is anyone out there (Christian) who is running them, have you done this and what type of grease did you use? Also what do you think of the performance of them. Please only people who are using these responde not post hounds as I would like to keep this thread on track. Thanks for any info.
Well there are two ways to approach this.

1. Use CA to tack down the outter edge to the cvd itself. Only glue down the large side of the boot! Using a syringe (find a diabetic) and inject white lithium grease into the boot.

2. Skip the CA part and just inject the lithium grease.

I found that these boots arent the finer side of these CVD's. They will tend to tear and can be a real pain to get on. Nice part is, Dynamite now has a blue, supposedly heavy duty, set of boots out now. I will be picking some up today or tomorrow from the LHS.

The first week or so of running them I didnt use any grease at all and found them to work just fine. I guess it depends on whether or not you personally feel as if the grease has a true bennefit. I assume the friction would be less.

All around, these CVD's are tough nails! I havent blown one yet, however, I did bend one due to my own idiotness. Oh, and last but not least, and MOST IMPORTANT, use LokTite on the screws that hold them in place. They WILL come out as with any CVD. Metal to metal.

Hope this helps!

It sure does, thanks alot Christian. Let me know what you think of the heavy duty boots too. Thanks
I have these too.
I had to grind down the diff output cups at least 1mm so they wouldn't bind on the bearings.

My tranny output shaft that goes to the rear diff binds in one place. I tried fixing it by grinding the slots in the cup and it has helped.

If given the chance, I would buy the MIP ones instead.
I use the MIP they were good until I wore them out.
I put a lot of miles on my Maxx and wore them out in about 5 months. I’m going to replace them with the Dynamites and see if they do any better.
Hey Darth I was just putting mine on and I am finding the same problem, they seem to be rubbing against the bearing, looks like I am gonna have to do the same thing you did, man this stinks! I think maybe I should have gotten the MIPs too. :( It would be nice if they would pay attention to detail, $100+ and now I have to modify them before I can even use them. :mad: Don't do it FastEddy, I am not happy at all!
Darth, thanks so much for that grinding info, I had to do the same thing. They are working just fine now. Have you noticed any other problems with them so far I should be aware of? Now I'll grease em and they should be just fine. What a pain in the butt! My O.S. in 6 break in tanks and one jammin tank, already started twisting the stock shafts. I'm ready to rip now :D
I had to grinde the MIPs also. The rear was a bit to long.
What I want to know is how long will they last under FastEddy conditions.
I did not know you also had to grind the MIPs too. What is nice about the Dynamite is they come with boots and Christian said they just came out with heavy duty boots now, both of which can be packed with grease and therefore should wear longer than a metal to metal fitting with no grease. I guess you will have to try a set and let us know how they compared to the MIPs.
I haven't noticed any other problems besides having to grind them down.
I am not using any grease inside the boots, but I may try some MIP CVD lube. I don't think they'll really need it as long as the boots keep them clean.

The heavy duty boots come in assorted colors like black, blue, red, and purple.
I think the grease would help the metal to metal wear even if dirt was not an issue. I think I will get some grease and the heavy duty boots next trip to the hobby shop, the ones that come with them are real thin.
Well from what the LHS told me yesterday, the blue ones are NOT heavy duty, just a different color. So I purchased another set of black. Depending on your driving habbits will determine the life of the boot. I drive in weird places and do weird things so my boots last anywhere from an hour and some have lasted (centerline) for months.

The boots do provide enough protection without having to CA them down and inject them with greases. However, if you go running through the sand, there is nothing to prevent those little grains from getting in and wearring components. This goes for ANY set of CVD's. The grease almost acts as a barrier.
From what I gathered they are all the same. :eek:
Oh Ok, they really need a heavy duty boot. I would e-mail them but since they are actually Horizon and I have not found a Dynamite website, I dont think I would get very far. The centers should be good for a while since I have the full center skid, but the outers look like they may not last too long. Oh well, thanks for the help and info. :)