Dynamite 0.31 spark plugs

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Still nothing from the testers. I have another project I need to finish but when complete, is there anyone here that would want to test a plug or 2. I'm not ready to give up yet. Could be ready as soon as 2 weeks. I would prefer it be someone in the south that has good weather most of the time. Don't want someone who will flake out on me.
I will be glad to test out some for you I work for a rc shop and have a couple people that need them please get back to me asap
It's been a while but here is what is happening. My Canadian plug tester was hit with bad weather and bad flooding. Hasn't been able to test. I made another plug today to be shipped out to another guy. He should be able to test and report back in a week or two. Sorry it's taking so long but you can't control the weather.

If all goes well I should make them available by the end of january.
10-.75 mm is the thread
I stumbled across this post and have two of these engines and would happily test them for you and actually provide feedback. You can email me at [email protected]