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Now THATS what I call fun! Sweet rides!

Woodie - wheres yours?
heh, you think $38k is some money...I have seen people use $100k+ hummers just to see how much they can tear up. NOW thats crazy!

Çh®i§tiªñ - I wish I had a cherokee that was on a lift. Mine is pretty much all stock besides the bored out 4.0 in it. A few other very minor things. Someday my cherokee will be a big cherokee :D

I love Jeeps. I have a 90 Wrangler, 6 cyl, with factory air. with a three inch body lift, 33x12.5x15 BFGoodrich mud terrains, centerline style 5 hole aluminum rims, basher bumper, double tube rear bumper, nerf bars with carr aluminum skids mounted on them, carr aluminum jam guards, Grant GT steering wheel, stainless steel dash, chrome grille, carr roto bar light kit with 5 KC quartz 6x9 halogen lights. heavy duty fuel tank skid. Two sets of tops, full and bikini, windjammer and tonneau cover. I'm sure I missed a few things but that about covers it. BTW it only has 65,000 original miles.
Nice jeeps Guys. I also have a jeep (well two if ya count my T-Maxx) But my main Jeep is a 99 TJ 4.0 5 speed Just put on a 3in. Terra flex Suspension kit with rancho 5000 shocks and a Mile marker 10500 lb. winch (hyd.) with a Tomken mount and grill guard. 33 in. mtr's are on the way.;)
Tomken makes some sweet products!
They sure do. They not only look sweet but they are TOUGH. very well built;)
You got that right I put mine through some tough situations and it always pulls through. I want to get a winch for it next.
DANG IT RGfarm racing - now you have me looking at Tomken stuff as if i need to buy more stuff.

Yeah Wodie Wouldnt a XJ 4" Ultra-Flex Articulating Lift Kit look killer on that Cherokee ? or maybe some 2"x4" Rocker Skids ??? if ya need any more help Just holler:D
Originally posted by RGfarm racing
Yeah Wodie Wouldnt a XJ 4" Ultra-Flex Articulating Lift Kit look killer on that Cherokee ? or maybe some 2"x4" Rocker Skids ??? if ya need any more help Just holler:D

I'm putting you on ignore - LoL

so how do you guys rate landrover products,anyone have one:confused:
i have a Land Rover Discovery,2.5td se £33,000 UK price new.i used to have a range rover,it was an older model which i had about 15 years ago.
but alas the best seller is the ford explorer.:confused:
I would like to have a Land Rover but there way to Rich for my blood.:D How do ya like it?
RG i love it to bits,fully loaded,comfortable,reliable,what more can i say.
the camel trophy seem to like them too;) and farmers mainly use land rovers of all levels and price.:banana:
I looked at one once even drove it it rode like a cady.It was one sweet ride;) But the $58,000 sticker was just to much for me:confused: probably why the ford explorer is the better seller. but I'm sure its NOT a better SUV! what year is your's? the one I looked at was a 2000 model so I'm sure there more now:mad:

oh by the way Just what do ya charge for that EASY MAXX VALET SERVICE WASH ??? Nice pics lol
mine is a 96 model,had it from new and don`t see the point in changing it,when there is nothing wrong with it.my wife would like to get a pt cruiser as a second car later,are they any good?
thanks Easy
I have a friend that has a PT pretty cool car!!! he loves it there pretty good I guess he has not had any problems with his. Ithink its 2000 model.