DHK Hunter skate park video. Edited to show new video with background music.

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Central/Upstate N.Y.
RC Driving Style
This is a video i made of a recent trip to a local skate park, since i can't run at the BMX track i made my other video at anymore. One of the things i like about the Hunter is it is fairly stable, and easy to drive. It pretty much lands right side up on almost every jump, and even when it rolls over, 90% of the time, it ends up right side up. It is also very durable. So far, i have managed to pop a cap off the stock plastic shocks, but it went right back together, and, at the skate park, a dog bone popped out in the rear, but, after i took the screw out of the bottom of the lower arm, it went right back in. If you watch both my videos on it, I'm not easy on it either. This video is edited from a couple of much longer videos i made. I mainly just showed some of the highlights from both videos.
Edit, i redid the video and added some background music to it. Here is the updated video:
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