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I have a CVEC Pipe and I lost one of the stingers the other day. I call them and Guess what They sent me two new ones Free of charge:banana: :banana: I just thought I would post this and let you guys know that CVEC has great customer support. :D
matts6887 hay I must have read your mind dude:D Thats just what I did the red loctite :banana: I have the rear system also and they sent me a couple of clamps and a pacage of the blue plastic couplers to!!! And all I told them was what I had and that I lost the stinger:D I like it:banana: :banana:
well there free publicity scheme is working well;) i have 2 cvecs myself and love them to bits,with the nj header they are so grunty that people tend to ask what i`m running,one guy with a .21 asked which .21 i was using,he was shocked to find it is a .15:D
ok heres a little tip ... if you put a rubber o ring between stinger and pipe should help with the falling out problem .. i have a ctec pipe which is basically the same as the cvec and that seem to have cured the problem for me .. hope this helps
Now thats what i call customer service!:banana:
or smart thinking in the advertising dept.
it is cool to be treated like you are a valued customer.
I have never had a problem with the Stingers on my CVEC. Is this something that happens often?
not to me or my posse,it must be luck on the part of the guy who gets one.
Smart thinking in the advertising dept or free publicity scheme is working well!!!! I dont really care I just like the responce:banana: No guesstions No hasseles just Great service:banana: :banana:
It's good to find companies like that. Customer Service is a rare commodity these days!
Yea, it means so much. I have a story about going to three stores last week looking for a belt sander. I finally ended up buying the exact same sander for $10.00 more at a place that was just so decent to me. It was money well spent!
The only problem is you dont know what kind of coustomer service they have untill you need it:mad: And then its usally to late:mad: Thats why I thought I'd post it here :D Anyone else Know of a company with outstanding service like this I hope they post it so we all know who to deal with in the future:D
Good point. Reading these forums is sometimes the ONLY way to gather good info on companies.
do you tend to go back to the lhs you get stuff from,or straight to the maker of the product.
usually I go to the manufacturer they usually have the best Idea on how to hanlde the problem. Somtimes they will tell you to take it back to were you got it. but I will check with them first:D
Yeepers I agree but if ya must ya must:D All though I have never had to send one back Yet (knock on my wooden head):D
matts forget you had the fantom,it was just a dodgy stock is not worth the aggro or torment.
I couldnt agree more Easy-MAXX. it wasn't really a Fantom just an old trx that looked like a fantom.:D
well that has Matts out voted so we win;)