Custom Tanks????

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Does anyone know where I could find a custom made tank?

I'm trying to gain more clearance. I'm hoping that someone makes an aftermarket tank that will be slightly higher, but more friendly to slid carb bellcranks, radical gear ratios and pullstarts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why dont you just mount the bell crank on the engine side thats what I did and it works great. As for your fuel tank needs have you looked into an r/c plane fuel tank they come in all shapes and sizes.
What keeps a plane running when it is flying upside down, rolling? could this be incorporated in a T to keep it running when it flips?
even that though allows air into the lines and the chances of it stalling are still pretty good once you hit the air in the hose, I have tried many different length lines and found about 8 - 9 inches to be perfect.
Well I want to accommodate the flip factor with a "T" in the fuel line and tap a new fuel feed from the top of the tank. It would guarentee a no stall, but, might increase your chances of staying rich and not spazzing on the lean side.

Ill check the yellow pages, thanks for the link!
Thats a great idea Christian, if you have a link for that please post it. You fly right, is that how its done in a plane?
Tell me how it works I would want to try it my self
Plains use a “Clunker” It’s a small brass weight on the end of a fuel line in the tank.
The weight on the end of the fuel line will “Clunk“ to the part of the tank that is most towards the earth at any given time.