Custom fuel mixes

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How many of you custom mix your nitro fuel?

I bought some castor oil from a drug store to add to my Traxxas Top Fuel 20% and I'm deciding on how much to add. I don't want to ruin a whole gallon of fuel doing this.
was there enough info on that site for you.
Yes. That is enough info to get me going. Thanks again.
Originally posted by DarthRacer
Cool! Thanks Guys. Have a :banana: on me.

Thanks, that was nice, i havent had a banana in ages:D
Darth what coctail are you going to produce? or is it top seceret.
What I want to do is increase the cooling properties of the Traxxas top fuel. I will experiment with different mixes and let you guys know.
i hope you can make a coctail that works well for you,if you can share it,unless you race and want to keep an edge;)
i've been looking for info like this for a while. the only fuel the lhs sells is sidewinder race blend, which has only 12% oil. i'm only a casual rc'er so i would like to get as much life out of my engine as possible. one question though: if my engine is not overheating,(it's not,i use a temp gun) will there be any benefit to increasing my oil content as far as longevity goes?