Control You Truck from over a MILE away!!

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i would not see my maxx more than half a mile away,so it must be aimed at big toys.
hahah , yea I'm with easy_maxx u wouldn't be able to see it!!! Defintly designed for planes or an Rc car with a camera.
Spy Maxx

I have "heard" through a rather reliable source that a company is building customized E-Maxx's with one motor (for longer run-time), four batteries, a night vision camera, selling them to the US Army, and they're using these remote control units to explore caves in Afganisthan.

They're using these super powerfull R/C Units...and they can control the Spy Maxx's through over 35ft of solid rock!
i`m up for that idea,if they let my father inlaw control them while inside they would all run out in terror shouting "Mad Mick is here"
would that be a brushless motor as to be quieter and more efficient too
I have no more info than what I already posted. What a great use of the product eh?

Buy some Traxxas know how Military Contractors rape the military...

They're probably selling those things for like $15,000 each!
unlimited engineering have some competition at last,i wonder if any of the goodies used will make it out onto civvy street.:banana:
I would have high bets on the engine being a brushless.
what cool weapons could it have for doing the bizz while in there:)
Hey Retread - cool idea. I can see the military concept as well. We had seen "tossup" drones while I was in which also had a very similar controller to a Futaba6x. Purely recon as well.

I kind of like the concept of a little C-4 while in that same cave. Less Infantry would have to go in ;)

1st 174th Infantry Division here. 11B 101st Air Assault.

I guess it can be read as a metaphor for the way our gov. is know the wheels of progress and all that jazz...
I'm currently working out the contract to supply them with "Forward Advancement Rotational Traction Devices" for only slightly more than they are now paying for the backwards tires.
Notice the Jumbo Kong tires.. probably for extra ground clearance.
Plaidfish said:
did anyone notice the tires are on backwards??????

I guess it is possible you are actually seeing it from behind. But even when I first started with my T Maxx I F'd up and put my tires on all wacked out.

They are backwards, if you look at the picture where it is being followed, you can see the camera on front, and the chevron tires are backwards.
Rolex said:
"Forward Advancement Rotational Traction Devices"

Or F.A.R.T.D. , for short?
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LMAO........didn't see that coming.
Forward Advancement Rotational Traction Eliptical Devices.
Gas and go.