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now your up to 30,is the race on for 1,000;)
congrats go out to Retread316 also:banana: :banana: :banana:

[sounding like Elvis]
"Thank you, thank you very much"...
OMG - you guys are already up to 30...i better get my butt in gear. LoL

it says I'm a newbie, it shoud say 2 stroke nitro master LOL

congrats retread
LoL @ nitro boy, keep a posting cause once you get to 1,500 posts you can use your own user name!

wow, only 1500, on Traxxas its 2500:(
I believe that is your own avatar, not user title. Though I could be mistaken.

do we get to choose our own avatar at a fixed point or are you limiting the choice.cos if we will i`ll need to start choosing mine soon:D
as of right now avatars are limited to the ones hosted on the site. Until I can get an idea of what the forum is going to use I dont want to fill up the server with avatars.

that`s cool,i dont have much in the way of computer skills so it would take 6 months to sort one out anyway:p
well i got a pm saying cos you have two 8`s in your name you will not be entered;)
seriously i think WoodiE is on top of things as far as this board goes,he can probbably tell you which number entrant you are.
Man I just got here, I got a long way to go. I hope I can get to 30 before the limit is filled. I could really use a new engine, lol
you guys have had a busy night posting,wow we`ll all be over 200 soon.
Easy must be burning Nitro in your computer to be posting so much...
yep i am ,but only the blend of nitro and oil which you recommended for the job;)
i just checked and i am 10 per day less than matts,still i have not got a fantom,so that is why
I want to know what the guy who gets to 1000 first gets:)
LMAO @ easy-maxx, 13 posts a day!

I wouldnt recommend anyone other then easy-maxx to be using nitro in their computer! ;)