Congratulations Easy-MAXX!!

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This first qualifier for the Engine Give-Away...and it's all been valid, good clean content too!

Keep spreading the word about this forum...Woodie is working of more content...(reviews, how-to's, etc.)...

Congrats again...
thanks to you guys for putting up a cool forum,it just shows that the right guys are here on the forum,and behind the scenes.
the only reason the count is up to 30 already is cos the traxxas forum is a bit slow as of loading and good topics.
i hope this one does well and i shall promote it too,no fear of that.
i did not realise i had hit 30 either i thought you were top dog,but...:banana: :banana: :banana:
Hey Congrats Easy-Maxx, Ill be there soon :D < hows it feel to be the first in a forum :p !!!!
thanks guys,it feels just like being the first:banana: but i thought i was behind Retread316.he soon caught me up and getting up this morning there are loads more guys on here wow:cool:
Yayy !!! I reached my # 30 either 4 th or 5 th :D Oh well not first but better than last!
congratulations to all the guys who have hit 30 now and those who will do it in the first 200:banana:
you sure are 4 more and your in with a chance,now that is cool.just no trash or spam cos if you do the mill will go to the most cheesy guy at your local track,just to prove a point;)
it seems funny reading a post by someone who has 40+ posts,saying i`ll soon be up to 30,i can`t guess how long it will take for 200 people to reach 30 posts,can you.
I will be there soon Love the board keep up the good work
one more session and you`ll be there no doubt,once you hit 30 you feel so old,oh sorry were talking posts arent we:D
if we keep posting threads like this, everybody will qualify LOL
Ahhhh, so that's how it's done. Is that what they mean by beating a dead horse?
going back to the original topic of this thread are you guys spreading the word of this forum?
I've sent invites to my Maxxin buddies to visit here. I like it.

Time for a banana!! :banana:
that`s cool guys we will find it more addictive,with more people to ask Q`s and chat to.

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