clutchnut for hyper 21?

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Does anyone know what clutchnut to use with a hyper 21 mill with an sg shaft to run with stock maxx flywheel,collet,bell and clutch.Its going to be installed on a hardcore conversion,also can anyone advise on the largest cb i could use with a 72 rrp double slipper spur with this chassis?

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The thread size it 1/4" 28tpi. I stopped by lowes and bought a few nuts which I found not to fit with the clutch shoes so I used my dremel and modified the nuts so they would fit.


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Originally posted by Maxximus Output
...also can anyone advise on the largest cb i could use with a 72 rrp double slipper spur with this chassis?
If you lengthen the motor mount screw holes on the chassis plate, then the only limiting factor is going to be the distance from the shaft to the surface of the plate itself. I'm thinking that you could go pretty big.
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