Close, standard ,wide = ratio for 3.3 ???

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Could someone please tell me what to expect with each of these set ups.
I'm looking to make my revo really move fast to 35 to 40.
not looking for top speed
Also spur gears 36/38/40 differences when you change them?
clutch bell gears?
I don't know what gears i should change and what i should not touch
All opinions Please


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Close ration tranny, Numerically lower tooth CB and a Numerically Higher SG will get you a lower end gear ratio. But there are other factors involved in getting to your desired speed more quickly. Tires, suspension, etc. Everything involved in getting the power to the ground. But, the aforementioned info will get you started.

Captain Chaos

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More teeth on the bell gear and less teeth on the spur gear for top speed.I think a 1 tooth change on the bell = 2-3 teeth on the spur.

First gear is the same on all :close,standard,wide ratiothe difference is the gap to second gear.Close least top speed,quickest acceleration.Wide most top speed but drop in RPM between shifts.Standard is a compromise.

15 bell 38 spur is a quick setup.

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