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Boy at this rate there wont be any good posters left over there.
I know. I am really surprised that my post or the thread has not been deleted. Thanks for posting in the thread since you have essencially bumped the thread so more members can view it. I want as many members to see the thread as possible.
Hey El, I like you and agree with much of what you said. However, don't forget what the Traxxas site is. It's a company advertising tool. They take the advise of people that probably know their product better then they do, and pass it on to all who care to view it. By this, I mean little boys and girls of all ages. From a business standpoint, they must distance themselves as much as possible from anything that may even be "perceived" as an offending statement. As an avid T-Maxxer, and an adult, I couldn't care less if me or my son hears the word "Hell" or even several other explisitivies. I think that this level of censurship only shows the degeneration of this country. They're afriad of a law suit. So don't take it personel. It's just ignorance!!
They didn't delete it but locked it up...It will remain on the board for a few days...I'm sure
I just want to throw my two cents in here on the 'bad word' topic. I, strongly, think that there is no such thing as a 'bad word'. Period. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is offensiveness. OQ and RomeWrecker are simply mods. If they get offended by something they remove it. Whether or not anyone else was/is offended, it doesn't matter. They were. And they are the mod.

Besides, if they are good little mods, then they get free TMaxxes.

You can't make everyone happy all the time. Just some of the people some of the time.

Dont get me wrong - I still dont agree with it. But I dont have to either.
Originally posted by SkyMaxx
They didn't delete it but locked it up...It will remain on the board for a few days...I'm sure
They'll probably delete it as soon as it goes to the second page of threads!
It's already there and the viewership is still rolling...up to 1312 now...

Christian, I'll say it once again. I have no problems with rules as long as they are enforced equally across the board and followed by all. The mods should and are expected by the members to be the model citizens of the boards. If they are subjectively applying the rules (case in point, they have yet to edit the word "hell" from El Pirata's post on my farewell thread), then there is something wrong. I know that they have both read the post and that at least one TRAXXAS employee mod has read the post. None of the mods edited it.

If the rules say, if it is considered offensive, then we should all be allowed to a certain extent to apply our own judgement to what is offensive. There have been a number of posts by mods that I considered disrespectful and offensive...what do you think I would have gotten in the way of a reply had i mentioned that to them?

Sorry...sore subject...shutting cake hole now
SkyMaxx the opinions of all should be heard and or read so you just keep your cake hole open and flowing. In a perfect world all would be treated fair but lets face the facts the world is not fair and far from perfect all we can do is try and hope to make it better in some small way, and look we have by coming to this board and trying to help new people with there r/c troubles.
Sky - I dont disagree with you for a moment. I have fallen subjective to the same 'bias' that you have. I was just talking about my 2 cents on what I think a bad word is. And well, being sarcastic in the other half. I really did 'hear' you the first time ;)

And as Hunter said........

I for one am an ADVOCATE for free speach! Id lay my life on the line for it :classic:

Drive On!
some people on the Traxxas forum have names which if put into plain words by me,in a post would get me banned from the site for good,and they say they are thinking of youngsters seeing bad things,i doubt it if they ignore this sort of porno style wording being shown on the main page.
Easy now:)
I wasn't even going to go there. Easy, you bring out yet another fine example of hypocrisy to be found in some forums...
Porno!:eek: I am like so offended! And what's that "Easy-Maxx" thing! Would you be insinuating a Maxx with less then respectable moral values?? I can't believe the dirty talk that takes place on this board!:eek:

I'm going to crawl back under my rock where I don't have to be subjected to such profanity!
Wow it just got reopened then reclosed so another Traxxas Employee could say their little piece of knowledge.
I noticed that, too...Kind of makes you was locked...they open it so they can add their two cents, but we can't add more...there's more of that vaunted rules apply equally across the board mentality (said with heavy sarcasm).
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Just like in life they make the rules they do what they want and we can only sit back and watch.