Check out the new Savage bodies

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.....and I JUST bought an Atomik body for the Maxx! I really like the red Camino THIS ONE HERE .

Thanks for the Link NCN! Might just have to get one.

This one kicks ass too!
Man I love that body but as a 4X4 I don't really think so. Its like when someone puts a freeking plymoth cruiser on a maxx it looks STUPID in my opion.
I will always think of a late 60's early 70s elco like the one my buddy in high school had. Big block Air shocks and some big ass Centrlines on the back and skinnys on the front Blake With flames. X
X an ElCamino is a hybrid car/truck, I agree that a car body looks stupid on a T , but I think that ElCamino looks awesome. I definately want one of those! I wish HPI would make a body like that with the blower for my RS4 3.