Cheap Traxxis Wheels and Tires for TeamAssociated B74

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My local hobby shop sells mostly Traxxis parts. Do any wheels and tires from Traxxis fit? Cheap is key. :) (12mm hex, 2.2in)

I wouldn't mind a truggy (ShortCourse) look for messing around the house on asphalt and the local baseball diamond.
Yes and no. Depends what tires you are looking at. Send a picture and/ or link. Traxxas wheels have a deeper hex/offset than the associated.
You are looking for 2.2 4wd wheels front and rear.
I'd just get a set of JConcepts wheels. And since you said baseball diamond, a set of dirt tires. Around the house, carpet tires. And on asphalt, slicks.
Trying to bash a race buggy, nothing much out there.

Tried to put Traxxas anaconda tires / wheels from my rusty 2wd on my B74. Wouldn't fit, same size hex (12mm) but the wheel hex on the Traxxas wheel is much deeper than the associated one (offset) Those were 2.8 ST tires. If you put those on the front of the buggy, they will rub and won't work.
Also tried to use SCTE offset short course wheels/tires on mine. Fit was fine. It was just too tall, odd looking, and you would probably have to gear down as it's much taller than normal buggy size wheels.

@BarnFabRC used his in a parking lot for testing. Not sure what tires / wheels he used. Most likely normal B74 offset wheels. It was only for a test run so no issue.

@bill_delong can probably go more in depth than me.

Thinking about this. You could make it work. You would just have to find / get longer stub axles and Traxxas wheel hexes (and hopefully they fit on those longer stub axles) and those wheels should fit. Short course tires could probably work. Normal buggy tires will work. Stadium truck tires, they will fit, but will rub when you turn. I think there is a truggy conversion kit for the B74.1 but not sure what they use in it.
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2.2 preglued wheels isn't really a Traxxas thing. The 2.8s come in 12mm offset and 0 offset. Traxxas wheels will work on your buggy but the steering geometry will be off and it will handle strange. Jconcepts with the right dish I think would be a better idea. For bashing knobbies tend to be a good all purpose tire.