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The R/C House is the cheapest I have found @ $395.00 and Robert will take $10.00 of pre-orders for RCNT members that email him for a discount code!!!

Hey thats my favorite place Woddie you took mine.

Well so far I have found this Pre ORder Maxx 2.5 make that 2 new maxx preorders

Oh man this sucks Tower Hobbies for 439.99 Ill poay an extra ten spot to not deal with them

whats ten more when you add overnight shipping right?

Omin modles 439.99 these dudes are in bed with Tower... They have identical parts prices and stock hmmm could they be tring to trick those of us who don't like tower???? X
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I like RCPitCrew's website, flashy, but not to much!

Stormer is the cheapest I have found on-line anywhere, for example the sell traxxas big bores for $63 when most places are getting like $79. They have a large selection too

I missed it there, thanks for the link.
I have not had any problems, I have even spoke to them on the phone and got good customer service there as well. Sorry WoodiE looks like we got your thread off track.

No this is all good, if I'm gonna order off the net, I too would like to know whos good and whos bad.

I try to support my local hobby shop when I can, but if there is a huge price difference I will order online too. My wife pre ordered a Savage today from my lhs, they treat me well there since I bought my T and my RS4 3 from them not to mention I drop at least $100 bucks or more every time I walk through their door, lol. :banana:
List of Online E-Tailers

Hey on my site I have compiled a list of sites that myself and my cohort at my site have purchased from.

I try to give as much info as possible... My LHS' around here suck except for one thats a long ways away so I generally order 2nd day air to my door.
Anyway here is the link Dirty R/C E-tailers
Oh and by the way I don't actually say on my site who I prefer But stormer is awsome Jim has everything and its usually cheaper than anyone with cheap 2nd day air is pretty cheap and has Excelent shipping, service, and prices.. They will also match Tower Hobbies or anyone that has a lower price and they have a 1:30 PT cutoff so that makes it 430 for you guys on the east cost thats hard to beat when you really need something and wait all day to decide and so that is cool with the same day shipping.

Tower takes for ever to process orders what the point of paying 2day air and it takes 3 days for them to process when I can call atleast 4 places and they will ship same day before cutoff.

Tower is Terrible becuase they sell stuff almost as cheap as they sell it to the LHS's they are the Number one Distributor then Horizon is next they are higher so as to give their wholesale customers the chance to make the sale "yout LHS"
Then there are a couple other like acehobby and so forth..

Lastly if you guys want me to order from a place and rate them let me know next time I order I will try them out.. They just need to have atleast 2 day air option..X
Well my LHS consists of a 10x20 room, more then half filled with plastic models, the rest with trains, puzzels, and more BS, with a whole 3 R/C Kits for sale, one of which is indeed the T-Maxx.

So I'm not all abot supporting them. There is NO track here in bloomington, when i drive i gotta find a place, be it the back yard, street, or breaking in to one of the many rock pits here.

Originally posted by matts6887
X; thanks for the info on those online retailers......But I too normally like to support the lhs;s in my area; especially the one where the track I go to is because they have some of the best prices around here and the people there are VERY knowledgable. But if for some reason they dont have something I want or something I need for that mattter; then I will look online. Since the 1st one I have heard about is stormer; I will probably go to them 1st., then the others. BUT;again; I will only do this if the hs's in my area dont have what I wantor need for that matter:)

Matt I have gotten into the debate about LHS or online reatailer.. That was actually the first article I ever wrote for my website.. I personally think it would be great if we all had awsome LHS's close to us that had prices compedative to some of the better online retailers.. This is why I use stormer or hobbypeople and rcpitcrew these are real shops that you can go into and buy stuff these are someones lhs.. The fact is there are 4 lhs within 30 minutes of me.. The two that actually carry anything are both the farthest away in either direction.. I usually stop in and see them once a month or so, pick up some stuff the thing is if they don't have what I want I am not about to wait a week for them to order when I can have it in 2days for the same price as them beauce now the part is cheaper and there is no tax so the sipping becomes void... Anyway I hope my info helps. X
Originally posted by matts6887

As for that and the rcpitcrew; those are actual stores that just have a website for out of state people to look/shop on???
I like to think of them as LHS's that have decided to be compedative they need to be a good LHS and also compete against their oniline competion also. X
Any ideas about the UK price for a Savage anyone?
hey hey never done anything like this befor but it seems pretty cool. Anybody know what a Savage is worth in Canada
model mart are going to be doing them about £380 i think
Update Update UPDATE

Tower 419.99

Now for the I'm gonna give you a run for your money Tmaxx Price
Ultimate Hobbies 399.99

click on rc gas cars and go down list Just be carful on fast shipping options cause a budy ofmine took it in the hiney on 3day on his new maxx.. They said around 20 he paid 40 ouch.. Anyway he bought another maxx here and had it sent ground no issues just a warning. X
About that T-Maxx price, I bought mine at Ultimate Hobbies about a month ago, in person, for $379.99.
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