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What chargers do you all suggest. It needs to be able to charge 4 cell packs. The MRC super brain 959 looks like a good one 3 to 8 cell charging and has adjustable amp rates. Is that a good charger? Is there one like it that is cheaper?

I use the 959 and I really like it. It's simple. Works well. And has charged my packs with no hassle. I use it for my EZ Start pack, my 5-cell rx pax, and my tx batteries. I also called the company when I bought it and requested their single-cell adapter. It's free when you buy the charger. This allows me to charge both of my NiCd glow igniters. Just take your time with it and let it cool between charges. I think it's great for the price.
Well I had a cheapy until recently - I needed something to do from 4 to 8 cells. This is the one I got:

The pro is the way to go. Its AC and DC as has Delta Peak detection as well as discharge. It is completely programmable. It also does both NiCd and NiMh. Granite, it lists for 299 or so but I know you can get them for 169 online as I did.

Hope this helps - read the specs.
I got a Novak ionic charger.:) It seems really nice so far and it stays cool:banana:
Well for the money if you want something inexpensive that MRC Supper Brain is a great choice for the price because it will do NiMh along with NiCd which will come into play more in the next year or two. Now if you plan on racing I would suggest spending a little more and get something that can atleast discharge a battery and preferably cycle also.
The charger Çh®i§tiªñ Listed is a good choice in that price range is all digital puch buttons of for about 110.00 you can get a 16x3 Pro integy which is also a great charger. I have used all three that I have listed and they are all great qaulity for the money.
Now if you have more charger questions check this out ;) X